Thursday, January 3, 2008

Heading for a Destination

This post is about visualizing a target in your sight, and reaching it.
Setting a task that you know and believe you can accomplish, and doing just that.
Getting admitted to studying Medicine in Israel is considered very difficult. There is a relatively small number of open spots, and the competition for each spot is extremely high. So high, that some candidates improve their grades for a few years before they succeed in getting admitted.
A few months ago I already knew what I wanted, and I knew there is only one way of achieving that - which is scoring highly in the university entrance exam (the psychometry as it is called here).
When you have a target in sight, and you have a destination to reach, you know that you must accomplish that by small steps. First take a test, and do well. Then take another test, and do well in that one also. Each time you plan a few steps ahead, always remembering the "big picture" in your head, always knowing what you have accomplished thus far, which gives you confidence, and what you have yet to accomplish, which is a derivative of your aspirations.
Today was the end of another step, a big one, and it is a happy ending. I scored 783/800 in the psychometry test. Next stop: Clinical aptitude tests, in June. See you down the road!

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