Saturday, October 13, 2007

American Idol

Did you notice how always candidates in the "initial screening" stage of the competition always wear a "serial number" on their shirt?
I mean, I'm sure that logistically the judging crew could be informed in advance for the number of the next candidate, or they could write the candidate name instead.
I guess that it sheds a certain kind of "light" on the show, one desired by its producers, when every candidate in the beginning is just a "number" in big ol' America. That is, of course, until he makes it big and goes to Hollywood. In Hollywood they wouldn't introduce "Number 555753 now on stage!", in Hollywood you have a name. You made it big, you deserve a name.
One reason I noticed this fact is that in the Israeli parallel to "American Idol" people do not wear numbers when they audition.. Cultural difference I guess.

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